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call me out

call me out

ready to go


need review

Pick a prompt, make up your own, etc! I will put up a list of prompts I like when I'm not lazy, but I'm game for pretty much anything. I'm also happy to play any game CRAU! LET'S DO THIS.
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stabby mcgee

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(( Yuyuko comes with the universal prompt of "sleeping in a very inconvenient place" and "has eaten the last of the food you like" but that can be changed if you want murdercamp crau or not.

whatchu up for yo? :o ))
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[Why not go with both.

Kouha has had a very hard day of being stabby mcgee!! And by that, I mean that it's been weeks since he was allowed to stab anyone or chop them up into bits or bathe in the blood of his enemies. This has been a very trying time for him. So all he wants to do right now is to sulk and eat his feelings in the snack he'd been saving for a rainy day...

...which is now gone.]

HEY! Who ate the last piece of the fig bar?!
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[ No answer, other than a very loud snore coming from the other room. HMMMMMMMMMMMM WHO COULD HAVE POSSIBLY COMMITTED THIS CRIME. ]
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[The sensible thing to do right now would be to either wait for Yuyuko to wake up or shake her awake himself so he can ask her what happened to his snack.

What Kouha does instead is launch himself straight at her like a tiny angry projectile and start pummeling her chest with his fists.]

Wake up! I know ya did it! Cough it back up right now!
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[ This was not a wise course of action.

The second Yuyuko feels herself being attacked in her sleep, she jerks away and starts firing off danmaku at random. One of them going straight for his head. ]


[ why u gotta be so rude ]